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  • Keeping the general ledger (review of adequacy of documents for posting, posting received and issued invoices, recording business events in the general ledger)
  • Keeping subsidary ledgers (kepeping the register of fixed assets, keeping tax records for VAT purposes and etc.)
  • Management of payment transactions
  • Preparation of payment orders for import to business online bank (E-bank)
  • Preparation of compensations
  • Preparation of business and financial reports
  • Preparation od midterm balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • Preparation of audited annual report
  • Preparation of required reports for the client and his business activity
  • Tax return (VAT, DDPO) and other taxes
  • Monhtly pay settlement and annual accounts of holiday pay for employees
  • Preparation of other payments regarding work
  • Reporting (FURS, AJPES, Bank of Slovenia and other institutions)
  • Coordination statement of account
  • Preparation statement account (IOP) and overdue reminder
  • And other accounting services


  • Preparation and sorting personal files of employees
  • Log-in and log-out from employee insurance (M1, M2, M3, M12)
  • Preparation of mandatory documents and declarations upon employment of the
  • Preparation claims for salary refund
  • Preparation of travel orders
  • Assistance with obtaining work permits for foreigners


  • Sorting received mail (mailbox)
  • Acceptance of electronic documents from FURS
  • Deployment of documentation system
  • Contact office with acceptance of mail and possibilty to send through email (virtual office)


  • Establishment of the company in Slovenia (obtaining of tax number for natural person, registration in VAT system, preparation of permits needed, choosing a bank, preparation of contracts)
  • Assistance to start-ups and sole proprietors
  • Assistance in preparing required documentation for obtaining loans, tenders or subsidies
  • Tax consulting and tax optimization for legal and natural person (VAT, DDPO,
    personal income tax…)
  • Preparation and assistance with business plans and investment studies


  • Labour Law (preparation of employment contract, resignation of the employment contract, preparation of internal acts in the company)
  • Commercial and Civil Law (preparation of company contract or memorandum of the assosiation, other commercial contracts, non-disclosure agreements, preparation of loan agreements, lease agreements, purchase and sale agreements, assignment of debt and etc.)
  • Preparation of legal letters, appeals and complaints at various state bodies and institutions and assistance with inspection survelliance
  • Preparation of executions and managment of payments
  • Bankruptcy Law (proposal preparation for initiation bankruptcy proceedings legal entity or a natural person)
  • Protection of personal data (consulting on compliance with GDPR and national law ZVP-1 and preparation of company regulations)


We are providing bussiness validation for various reasons:

  • Acqusition, merger, purchase or sale of the company or its business share,
    recapitalization, divison, exit of shareholders or buyouts
  • Investment decisions
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax purposes
  • Litigation and etc.

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